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No Noise Ent. Policies

Privacy Policy

No Noise Entertainment (“we”, “our”, “us”, “No Noise Ent.”, or “No Noise”) respects the privacy of its users and is fully committed to protecting their personal data and using it in accordance with data privacy laws.


Where you are a User and it is necessary for us to fulfill our contract with you or where it is in our legitimate interests to provide our services/products, we will confirm your identity, contact you, provide customer support (including via email), operate your account with us and invoice you.


For the aforementioned purposes, we collect information that may contain the following personal data:


Company name;

Shipping information;

Email address and phone number;

Payment and billing information (payment method details, first and last digits of your payment card); Order handling information

No Affiliation

No Noise is not an affiliate of JBYS Creations LLC. No Noise is only allowed to use the site for business and does not speak for, provide any image, or represent JBYS Creations LLC.


Once Customer has reserved date(s) and time(s) on No Noise's website, the request will be submitted to No Noise for approval. If approved, an invoice will be sent to Customer and the date(s) and time(s) will be reserved for Customer upon receiving the deposit payment.

Credit Card

Refund & Cancellation Policy

To save a date for Customer’s Event, Customer shall pay an initial, nonrefundable deposit of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ($150.00) to No Noise. 


Any cancelation made less than 2 weeks prior to the Event shall not be eligible for a refund. For cancelations made 2 weeks or more in advance a full refund, not including the deposit, shall be returned to the credit card the customer used for payment. A cancelation is deemed made on a day if the cancellation is received at or prior to 6:30 P.M. If the cancelation is received after 6:30 P.M. it will be deemed received and effective the following day.

Contact No Noise if you would like to cancel or would like a refund.

Deposits & Payments

Save The Date Deposit. To save a date for Customer’s Event, Customer shall pay an initial, nonrefundable deposit of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ($150.00) to No Noise. Customer understands that until Customer has paid this deposit, the Customer’s date is not saved and No Noise has the right to reserve the Customer’s event date for anyone else that pays the Save the Date Deposit before Customer. This deposit covers any possible damages up to ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ($150.00) that may occur while the equipment is in possession of the Customer.


Rental Fee.  Customer shall pay the price listed on the rental agreement to No Noise for transmitter and headphone rental (“Rental Fee”). Customer shall pay the Rental Fee at least a week prior to the event, or upon signing the Agreement if the reservation is made a week or less than a week before the event. The credit card that the customer pays with will stay on file until after the equipment is assessed for damages.

Credit Cards

Damages & Late Fees

All additional adjustments and expenses incurred as a result of damage to Equipment and/or late charges shall be invoiced within 10 days of the Event (“Additional Charges”). Customer hereby authorizes No Noise to charge all Additional Charges to Customer’s credit card on file with No Noise.  All amounts paid under this Subsection shall immediately be nonrefundable. Additional Charges shall be incurred as follows:


  1. Damage Fee.  Customer shall pay SEVENTY DOLLARS ($70.00) per piece of Equipment that is returned damaged if the amount of damage is more than the deposit price of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ($150.00).

  2. Late Fee.  A late fee shall accrue if:
    (i) Customer is not available and ready to receive Equipment at the scheduled drop-off; and/or

    (ii) Customer and/or equipment are not available and ready to be taken at the scheduled pick-up time (the “Late Fee”).

    The Late Fee shall accrue at FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00) per THIRTY (30) minute delay.

  3. Late Payment.  Customer shall pay an additional SEVENTY DOLLARS ($70.00) per day after the final payment date listed on the rental agreement.

Delivery Fee

If the Event is more than 25 miles outside of Wichita, Customer shall pay an additional travel fee.  Customer’s additional delivery fee is:

Delivery Options Coming Soon

Delivery Men
A keyboard

Email List

You agree to receive from time to time promotional messages and materials from us, by mail, email or any other contact form you may provide us with (including your phone number for calls or text messages). If you don't want to receive such promotional materials or notices – please just notify us at any time at

Thank you for booking with No Noise Entertainment! We appreciate you more than you will ever know! Contact us with questions, concerns and comments at

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No Noise Entertainment

Sunday - Saturday

Based in Wichita, KS

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