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About The Book 


Royalty is Fed Up! is a chapter book that teaches children 9-12 the power of their voice. This book will take the reader through the story of Royalty, a young girl who has a hard time with growing pains, being bullied at school and some of the decisions her parents are making.

More about Royalty is Fed Up! 

Royalty has a dream that gives her the courage to use her voice to stand up to a bully and talk to her parent about what's bothering her. She realizes how powerful her voice really is. With the perfect outfit and her newfound confidence, Royalty finds out how speaking up can change things in her life for the better!

Royalty is not the only one who learns something new. By speaking up her mother learns that she needs to spend more time with Royalty and that sometimes parents need help too.

You can get to know the author here!

More To Come

  • Royalty Loves Her Hair

  • Royalty Tends to Her Hands & Feet

  • Royalty Has a Big Secret

  • Royalty Cannot Have Company

  • Royalty is Developing

  • Royalty’s Beautiful Skin

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