With the heartbreak she is experiencing from the decisions her parents are making and being teased at school. Royalty’s dream has her feeling like she can handle whatever challenges she is faced with today. She finds the courage to use her voice and speak up to the one girl who taunts her the most. Royalty has had enough of the mistreatment she receives from her parents. She has one mission today, and with the perfect outfit and her newfound confidence, she is going to be heard!

Meet The Author

Hello, I am Misty Colbert. As a mother I devoted myself to raising well-rounded children as best I could with what I knew. My faith is priceless. I could not have made it this far without believing in Jesus Christ. Having health concerns that, at times, were debilitating, will break you or make you stronger and I am definitely stronger today. Having to raise three children and be a care giver for my mother at the same time was overwhelming for me. I’m grateful that having little to get by on I still found a way to help others in need, it's a blessing of grace.


As I learned, I taught my children and other children around us. Having a passion for poetry gave me a unique edge for relating to children. I have seen the hurt in children who feel that they can’t talk to their parents and the fear and helplessness of being pestered by other students, so I made sure my children could talk to me. My creativity has inspired my children, and I hope it will continue to inspire them and many others. My desire is for all children around me to learn from me, feel more confident and do better.


I started the Royalty Series ...

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More To Come

  • Royalty Loves Her Hair

  • Royalty Tends to Her Hands & Feet

  • Royalty Has a Big Secret

  • Royalty Cannot Have Company

  • Royalty is Developing

  • Royalty’s Beautiful Skin

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